First month at TECHRISE (Ruby On Rails BootCamp)

It seems like yesterday I heard about TECHRISE, but it has already been a month I am enrolled at TECHRISE.
When I first heard my friends talking about TECHRISE, I had no idea what they were talking about. I wanted to know about it, and I consulted my friend, Ujjwal.
From him, I got to know that TECHRISE is a start-up company which is organizing boot camp in Ruby on Rails.
The things he told me about TECHRISE made me interested in joining. He said about the pre-works he completed with fun, the interview with
Takehiro and Natsuko in a friendly environment and the most important part that all the applicants were amazed about was “It being a free course for the first batch”. This part struck my mind and I decided to apply at TECHRISE.

Then, I applied at TECHRISE. First, we had to complete the pre-work to get selected at TECHRISE. After signing up at TECHRISE’s website, I started my pre-work. As I was going on with the pre-work, I was having fun and learning new things about HTML, CSS and Javascript. I completed my first work and the second and so on. I completed my work with the instructions provided. First, I designed a one paged portfolio using HTML & CSS  and ended up with a web page using bootstrap. I finished my pre-work very quickly as I wanted to catch up for the orientation. I wanted to meet them all on orientation day.For the first time, I was so eager in learning and completing my pre-work.

Finally, I was invited for an interview right before the orientation and was able to attend the orientation. We had our new lesson unlocked.

That day the journey with TECHRISE began.

There were mentors online if we were stuck anywhere while coding. We have mentor session once in a week. Everyone enrolled has a mentor. My mentor is Aadesh Shrestha, also a senior at my college. We communicate with each other using slack.  Something I like is, the system of not being able to take a look at the next lessons until the lessons we are currently on is completed. Takehiro Mouri and Natsuko Robyn Shinozaki are friendly and helpful.  There is a good internet connection and also backup for charging if we have lights out. We can go to TECHRISE any time between 11:00 am to 5:00 pm to code.

I feel lucky to have enrolled at TECHRISE. I feel dedicated and motivated. Me being a student, besides my college assignments, and extra works, I manage my time for my works at TECHRISE.

TECHRISE provides a platform on developing web-apps using RUBY on RAILS.
In my perspective, no one will regret by joining TECHRISE. Currently, I am working on IDEATOR, a web application where anyone can post their ideas. It feels confusing and frustrating when stuck that I want to stop coding. But no need to worry as there are our mentors who guide us and solve our problem. We are almost instant replied whenever needed.

Lastly, As Takehiro Mouri-san always says.”HAPPY CODING.”.


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